Sectors of operation

Power engineering

CAS Experts and Specialists have participated in many projects in the Power Engineering sector, including:

  • Renewable energy – wind, solar energy;
  • Power plants (including gas-steam units);
  • Co generation plants;
  • Exhaust gas treatment systems.


CAS Experts and Specialists have extensive experience in completion of projects in the sector of Buildings for newly constructed, modernized and reconstructed buildings:

  • Education – schools, universities;
  • Health – hospitals, clinics;
  • Public utility facilities – museums, concert halls;
  • Commercial buildings – offices, warehouses, distribution centers, office space;
  • Residential buildings – apartment buildings, tenement houses;
  • Sports – soccer stadiums, sports halls


CAS Experts and Specialists have broad experience and databases for the following infrastructural areas:

  • Bridges, tunnels earthworks;
  • Railway, subway;
  • Highways and expressways;
  • Airports;
  • Communication – broadband Internet, telecommunication, optical waveguide, ITm installations;
  • Dams;
  • Pipelines;
  • Transmission and distribution – transformer stations, energy distribution, energy transmission;
  • Water treatment and waste water treatment plants;
  • Vehicle manufacturing.

Sea (maritime sector)

The CAS Team may develop a strategy, introduce solutions, which are of basic importance for monitoring and effective reporting of project implementation progress report and risk management in maritime sector projects, including:

  • Shipbuilding industry;
  • Underwater installations;
  • Ports and harbors.


The CAS Team has broad experience in solving of problems, which often emerge in the mining sector – we render services on behalf of parties participating in engineering and construction activities, associated with:

  • Exploration and mining;
  • Processing and manufacturing;
  • Transport and storage;
  • Associated infrastructure.

Crude oil and natural gas

The CAS Team has many years of experience in supporting and implementation of large scale projects in the sector of crude oil and natural gas, including:

  • Design, production, installation, launching, operations, maintenance and liquidation of installations and infrastructure;
  • Crude oil, liquefied natural gas (LNG) and petrochemical gas;
  • Ground based and maritime (underwater) installations and infrastructure;
  • Transmission, refining and transport.

Manufacturing and Industry

The CAS Team has the qualifications and knowledge in developing and implementing orders and strategies so that the project is completed timely and within the budget planned. Our Experts will help you develop solutions, which will bring savings in terms of operating costs. The skills, tools and experience of our team are applicable to the following branches of production and industry:

  • Petrochemical industry;
  • Biofuels;
  • Pharmaceuticals;
  • Steel industry.

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The objective of CAS is to prevent disputes during various stages of project implementation and to resolve disputes through the specification of claims and defense against those claims.
As Experts, we provide support during negotiations, mediations and cases under litigation before courts and arbitral bodies to minimize their negative effects and maximize profits.

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Team of Experts

The CAS team consists of experienced Experts and Specialists, who have cooperated for over ten years. They have successfully completed projects in such sectors as: power engineering, buildings, infrastructure, sea (maritime sector), mining, crude oil and natural gas, manufacturing and industry.

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