Technical Due Diligence

Technical Due Diligence is a multi-business inspection and audit of facilities carried out with the help of professional engineers from the construction, architectural, sanitary, electrical and, if necessary – environmental and road industries.

The assessment of the technical condition of the building is based on a site inspection and analysis of the available design documentation in the form of an opinion.

Depending on your individual needs, the offer includes:

  • assessment of the current condition of the property in order to ensure the effective management of the facility,
  • assessment of the technical condition of the facility for the planned investment intention (buy/sell transactions) to provide information on the necessary renovations and modernization works to ensure the required level of quality and cost of the investment.

Scope of transactional analysis:

  • real estate inspection performed by a team of qualified engineers;
  • inspection of plots with an overview of documentation of the objects that are located on said plots;
  • technical description of properties and precincts;
  • assessment of the technical condition and functions of all facilities planned to be demolished and the resulting costs;
  • assessment of the technical condition of real estate based on visual assessment in the field of construction, wiring, sanitation facilities and fire protection installations;
  • review of the formal documentation of the property (property book, use permit, mandatory reviews);
  • recommendations and estimated valuation of renovation costs and renovation works;
  • analysis of the actual state of the facility and archival technical documentation with regard to the adaptation planned by the Investor;
  • indication of the risks and scopes of works resulting from the need to adapt the facility to the current laws;
  • examination of the existing and designed road system with the possibility of its expansion and determining the initial costs of possible changes;
  • submitting comments and recommendations on circumstances that may have a significant impact on the investment;
  • risk analysis;
  • development of a detailed schedule for planned investments at each stage.

Real estate valuation

The real estate valuation by a property valuation expert is often a prelude to further proceedings which aim at determining the amount of compensation, for example in damages where there has been a decrease in the value of the property. Property valuation experts also participate in the process of estimating the value of salaries in virtue of transmission easement. For internal settlements between the parties, they also estimate the value of the expenditure incurred on the property.

Determination of the property’s value is carried out by property valuation experts who are inscribed into the Central Register of Property Appraisers, maintained by the Minister of Investment and Development.

In our offer you can find:

  • residential and utility properties,
  • cooperative ownership rights to premises,
  • undeveloped land,
  • built-up land,
  • components of the properties,
  • valuation of property rights.
  • buy-sell transactions,
  • securing lender’s liability,
  • treasury and tax,
  • determining the amount of fees for the use of perpetual land,
  • determining the amount of planning and adjacency fees.
  • real estate market advice,
  • effectiveness of investing in real estate,
  • financial implications of adopting or amending local plans,
  • bank and mortgage value of the property,
  • determining the value of the property for the individual Investor’s needs.

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