Kalina Wośkało

Delay Expert

"A well planned and supervised investment allows for timely completion of every project."


  • Engineer in Spatial Development, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland

Professional associations

  • Member of SIDIR (Association of Consulting Engineers and Experts) (FIDIC)
  • Mediator


Kalina is a graduate of Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Faculty of Spatial Development. In the CAS team, she is the key Expert for scheduling and analysis of delays. She specializes in time impact analyses for various stages of project performance. Kalina conducts time impact analyses for projects starting from feasibility studies (framework schedules), through design stage (baseline schedules) and implementation (detailed schedules). She is able to assess risks associated with budget implementation. In addition, Kalina performs complex analysis for the purpose of preparation of claims or defense, as well as private evaluations for the purpose of court proceedings.

In the analyses performed, Kalina assesses the impact of events on individual tasks, milestones and the final date of project completion. The analysis techniques used include: Impacted as planned, As planned vs as built. The analysis performed is strictly connected with the current contract provisions. Kalina also specializes in development of claims with regard to events that impact delay in the Investment completion. She has experience in Project Management, development and administration of contracts, investment settlements, reporting, development of procedures and forms for individual projects.

Kalina is a member of the Association of SIDiR and a qualified mediator for business affairs.

Other areas of competence

Planning and scheduling:

  • Planning and preparing a schedule on all project’s stages (general and detailed schedules);
  • Reporting about progress on all project’s stages;
  • Analysis of plans and schedules;
  • Evaluation of urgent risks;
  • Analysis of critical projects’ path;
  • Participating in negotiations in the stage of auction and advising in the range of entered agreement;
  • Verification of introduced changes and their influence on realization date;
  • Advisory services related to realization dates;
  • Administering of contract;
  • Preparing and controling the realization of contract procedures;
  • Managing the information flow;
  • Making changes and giving out contract instrucions;
  • Periodical monitoring over the projects;
  • Representing the Client.

Preparation and defence against claims:

  • Preparing claims and defending against claims (regarding: extending the time of project implementation, increase of costs related to extending the time of project implementation, additional costs of speeding up project implementation, legitimacy and cost calculation of additional works, project implementation interference cost);
  • Preparing a strategy for negotiation of claims;
  • Performing the critical path analysis for the projects;
  • Performing delay analysis using the following techniques: prospective (forward looking) and / or retrospective (backward looking);
  • Earned value analysis (Earned Value Method – EVM).

Dispute resolution:

  • Serving as an expert witness (cost analysis, term analysis, works quality and technical aspects analysis) in proceedings before common and arbitration courts;
  • Conducting mediation and participating as the Client’s representative or adviser in the mediation procedure;
  • Arbitration;
  • Consulting in the dispute resolution procedure.

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The objective of CAS is to prevent disputes during various stages of project implementation and to resolve disputes through the specification of claims and defense against those claims.
As Experts, we provide support during negotiations, mediations and cases under litigation before courts and arbitral bodies to minimize their negative effects and maximize profits.

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The CAS team consists of experienced Experts and Specialists, who have cooperated for over ten years. They have successfully completed projects in such sectors as: power engineering, buildings, infrastructure, sea (maritime sector), mining, crude oil and natural gas, manufacturing and industry.

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