Jan Gandziarowski

Claims Expert

"The experience we have gained while working on projects from various sectors of the economy allows us to accurately identify potential threats and then recommend solutions that make projects run smoothly."


  • MSc., Engineer and Architect, Faculty of Architecture at the Krakow Technical University, Krakow, Poland
  • Kraków University of Economics, speciality in real estate and investments


Jan is an architect and economist by profession. He gained his extensive knowledge and professional experience in project management and controlling while working for general contractors of large construction projects, inter alia, in Germany, Bulgaria and Poland.

Jan feels well in the international environment of large projects, making use of the communication skills and interdisciplinary combination of competences in various fields. He spent a large part of his professional life in Germany, working for German-speaking companies active in the European market. In his career, he undertook many challenges that allowed him to gain rich and extensive professional experience. He worked as a cost estimator and organisation specialist, preparing offers for the implementation of large infrastructure investments, he worked as a supervisor (e.g. he was the manager of the tunnel construction project), managed the construction lab, worked as a financial controller and specialised in claims management, where he successfully combined the acquired competences. He participated in drawing up claims and conducting disputes regarding additional works and changes to the contract for construction works in many international investment projects. The teams led by Jan gained a total of approx. 500 million złotys of additional orders and regarding contract changes during the implementation of construction projects for general contractors. The interdisciplinary approach to complex issues allows him to successfully participate in the tasks of technical, economic and legal teams.

Currently, he is an independent expert in the field of construction works contracts, claims and disputes, technical and financial controlling of investments and analysis of disturbances and delays in the construction process. He carries out his own engineering consultancy business and works in CAS as a Claims Expert.

Other areas of competence

His unique competences are associated with experience in the following industries:

  • Tunnel construction (competence and experience in the organisation and management of tunnel works, road and rail tunnels, knowledge of issues related to the management of construction contracts in the area of drilling work, structure of costs and risks in tunnel construction) and mining construction;
  • Construction of roads and railway lines;
  • Hydro constructions;
  • Power engineering construction;
  • Construction of sports facilities;
  • Construction of large-scale industrial and logistic facilities.

Scope of activities

Jan has the competence and extensive experience in the area of:

  • Preparing claims and defending against claims, knowledge of the cost analysis and time analysis methods, preparing claims strategies;
  • Advice on claims and litigation, representation as a client or an independent expert;
  • Contract consultancy and risk analysis;
  • Real estate investment consultancy (preparation of due diligence analyses);
  • Organisational consultancy and project implementation planning (consultancy at the tender stage);
  • Financial and technical controlling during the investment implementation;
  • Investment project management and investment supervision;

as well as knowledge of issues related to:

  • Different types of construction contracts and contract administration;
  • Cost estimation of works and various methods of cost assessment;
  • Carrying out financial settlements of projects;
  • Planning and scheduling of works;
  • Drawing up technical and contractual documentation for tenders, including functional and utility programs, technical specifications, descriptions of the subject of the contract, etc.;
    as well as knowledge of legal issues.

Core competences

Jan is an ideal partner wherever it is necessary to combine competence in various fields, interdisciplinary cooperation, openness and non-standard view, combining technical, economic and legal aspects. He performs outstandingly in international teams, speaks Polish, German and English fluently, and he speaks also Bulgarian, French and Russian.

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The objective of CAS is to prevent disputes during various stages of project implementation and to resolve disputes through the specification of claims and defense against those claims.
As Experts, we provide support during negotiations, mediations and cases under litigation before courts and arbitral bodies to minimize their negative effects and maximize profits.

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