Agata Emerling

Delay Specialist

"The total time and cost of investment Project implementation depends to a large extent on the number of disturbances arising during the investment process."


Engineer and Master of sciences in Production Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland
Postgraduate studies in Safety, Health and Ergonomics, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland


As a member of the CAS team Agata is a Scheduling and Delay Analysing Specialist. For many years she has worked in large international companies, in which she has dealt with construction projects. She worked as an independent project administrator as well as a team coordinator. Agata has experience in investment project management, including preparation and administration of contracts, settlement of investments, reporting, coordination of document flow, drawing up quality assurance book (procedures and forms dedicated to a specific project). She prepared and updated construction schedules in MS Project. Agata was a member of a claims preparation team working for major investments in Poland and prepared schedules describing the current investment status.

Agata is a Senior Health and Safety Specialist. She graduated from Postgraduate Studies in Safety, Health and Ergonomics at Work. For several years, she has been supervising large investments in international companies regarding the health and safety at work, also according to the international standards.

Agata is a member of the Polish Red Cross and First Aid Instructor.

Other areas of competence

Planning and scheduling:

  • Planning and preparing schedules at all project stages (general and detailed schedules);
  • Reporting on the progress of works at every project stage;
  • Analysis of plans and schedules;
  • Time risks assessment;
  • Project critical path analysis;
  • Participation in negotiations at the tender phase and consultancy regarding the concluded contract;
  • Verification of introduced changes and their impact on the date of project implementation;
  • Advice on project execution time.

Contract administration:

  • Preparation and supervision over the implementation of contract procedures;
  • Management of the information flow;
  • Introducing changes and issuing contract instructions;
  • Periodic monitoring of the ongoing project;
  • Acting as a customer representative.

Preparation and defence against claims:

  • Preparing claims and defending against claims (regarding: extending the time of project implementation, increase of costs related to extending the time of project implementation, additional costs of speeding up project implementation, legitimacy and cost calculation of additional works, project implementation interference cost);
  • Preparing a strategy for negotiation of claims;
  • Performing the critical path analysis of projects.

Health and safety at work:

  • Examination of causes and circumstances of accidents, including their impact on the extension of project execution time and costs
  • Risk analysis and assessment as well as risk control
  • Risk management, including development of solutions and corrective actions
  • Risk management also according to the international standards

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The objective of CAS is to prevent disputes during various stages of project implementation and to resolve disputes through specification of claims and defense against claims.
As Experts, we provide support during negotiations, mediations and cases under litigation before courts and arbitral bodies to minimize their negative effects and maximize profits.

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The CAS team consists of experienced Experts and Specialists,  who have cooperated for more than ten years. They have  successfully completed projects in such sectors as: power engineering, buildings, infrastructure, sea (maritime sector), mining, crude oil and natural gas, manufacturing and industry.

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